Our classes are covered by Medicaid and many of our community partners. Reach out through our inquiry form if you have questions on funding.

Parenting Classes:

Active Parenting 0-4

  • This program is four weeks long and focuses on a child’s first five years of life.
  • Topics include: Ages and Stages of development; Preventing Problems; Encouraging Positive Behavior and Preparing
    for School Success.

Active Parenting 5-12

  • This program is six weeks long and focuses on a child’s next stage of life.
  • Topics include: The Active Parent; Cooperation and Communication; Responsibility and Discipline; Building Courage and Self-Esteem; Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior; Active Parenting for School Success.

Active Parenting of Teens

  • This program is six weeks long and focuses on helping parents navigate the teen years.
  • Topics include: The Active Parent; Winning Cooperation; Responsibility and Discipline; Building Courage and Redirecting Misbehavior; Drugs, Sexuality and Violence: Reducing the Risks Part I and II.

Protective Parenting

  • This program is 6 weeks long that educates parents as to their protective capacities.
  • This program’s objectives are to increase protectiveness with education and support; learn from the past, do something
    with the present and prepare for an improved future; decrease resistance to engagement in case plan; increase parental skills to protect and nurture children; increase ability to plan for future risks and stressors; increase awareness of current and past risk factors; increasing understanding of the roots of parenting choices; increasing empathy for own parents, self, and child; increased awareness of perspective and feelings of the child; increased knowledge of victim behaviors and characteristics of offenders.

Cooperative Parenting (Co-Parenting)

  • This program is an 8 week long class that helps learn to co-parent effectively and is child focused.
  • Topics include: Child Focused or Out of Focus; Plan for Peace or Tug of War; Letting Go or Holding On; Make it
    Better or Keep it Bitter; Neither Fight Nor Take Flight; Defuse or Light the Fuse; All a Winner or Winner Take All;
    and Cooperation or Conflict.

Additional Community Education Programs:

Life Skills Development Academy:

  • The academy is designed for both teens preparing to venture into adulthood and adults who need some guidance to begin a budget, employment and other financial and other goals.
  • Our four week academy is organized to follow three categories: Basic Necessities, Goals and Hinderances.
    -Basic Necessities the focus is on how to obtain vital records, employment and education; budgeting; banking, and
    – Goals focuses on goals and time management; housing, cars, car maintenance, values, healthy relationships, impulse
    control and coping skills; empathy; taking ownership and discovering better choices.
    -Our final category discusses Hindrances, or what prevents one from obtaining their goals. Bullying, theft, the dangers
    of social media, gang awareness, substance abuse and teen pregnancy/STDs are featured.

Cognitive Thinking:

Taking Ownership:

  • This 6 week long class focusing on client behaviors that have a ripple effects that touches all parts of their lives, to include family, friends, and their jobs.
  • Topics covered in this course include The Effect of Drug Use on Family Members; Family Patterns in Abuse; Secrets and Shame; The Importance of Treatment; Preventing Relapse; and Recovery.
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