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Helping to create happy, healthy Colorado Families


Parenting Classes –

New Horizon Youth and Family Services offers education for parents with children at any stage. From infant to teen, each of our parenting classes prepares you for the stage your child is in and builds a foundation to help you navigate the next stage. Our Interactive Parenting program is one of a kind in helping parents and teens learn how to care for their infant.

  • Nurturing Parent 0-4:

This four-week class focuses on the first five years of a child’s life.

  • Topic One – You and Your Child helps parents understand their role in parenting and the stages of the first five years. It also covers the bonding process and self-care.
  • Topic Two – Preventing Problems covers a child’s brain development, discipline, the ACT Method and routines.
  • Topic Three- Encouraging Positive Behavior continues the discussion on discipline, including choices and consequences and the power of encouragement
  • Topic Four – Preparing for School Success helps parents nurture their child to encourage the love of learning and how to help children prepare for school.
  • Parenting 5-12:

This six-week class focuses on ages five through twelve of a child’s life.

  • Topic One – The Active Parent helps parents discover their parenting style and what their children will need to succeed.
  • Topic Two – Cooperation & Communication teaches parents how to communicate with their child, solve problems and hold family meetings.
  • Topic Three- Responsibility and Discipline teaches parents the difference between punishment and discipline, polite requests using “I” messages and logical consequences.
  • Topic Four – Building Courage and Self-Esteem encourages the parents to help their child build their self-esteem through encouragement.
  • Topic Five – Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior allows parents to understand the Four Goals of Behavior, the parent-child cycle and how to help children handle anger.
  • Topic Six – Active Parenting for School Success gives parents “Seven Smart Things” to help their children succeed in school.

  • Parenting of Teens:

This six-week class focuses on the teens years and helping parents navigate them.

  • Topic One – The Active Parent teaches parents about teens today, what they will need to succeed, styles of parenting and control versus influence.
  • Topic Two – Winning Cooperation helps parents develop communication and cooperation with their teens and problem solving.
  • Topic Three- Responsibility and Discipline gives parents the opportunity to teach their teen about responsibility and basic discipline methods including logical consequences.
  • Topic Four -Building Courage, Redirecting Misbehavior shows parents how to encourage courage and self-esteem in their teen through the think-feel-do cycle, how to deal with power struggles and teaches the Five Goals of Teen Behavior.
  • Topic Five – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risks, Part 1 introduces parents to the ten prevention strategies to help reduce the risks of issues teens face today.
  • Topic Six – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risks, Part 2 picks up where part one left off with strategies 5 – 10.

  • Interactiv​e Parenting:

Interactive parenting offers parents the opportunity to sharpen their skills using our infant simulators.

  • Healthy Infants -these infants can be programmed to simulate infant behavior and allow the parents or teen the opportunity to take a simulator home. Upon return, the simulators will provide a report as to how well the client did caring for the baby.
  • Drug Affected Baby -this infant simulator shows the effects of drugs on babies. This is a class that is offered in English and Spanish.
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby – this infant simulator, like the drug affected simulator, shows the effects of alcohol on an infant. This class is also offered in English and Spanish.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome – this infant simulator has a clear head that when shaken, lights up to show the parts of the brain affected by shaking.

  • Co-Parenting:

This eight-week class focuses on parents who are learning to parent apart.

  • Topic One – Child Focused or Out of Focus: Making the Commitment to Care helps to show parents how their behaviors with each other affect their children and how staying child focused can help children remain happy and emotionally healthy.
  • Topic Two – Plan for Peace or Tug of War: Allowing My Child to Love Both Parents teaches parents how to separate their role from former spouse to co-parent, handling anger privately and supporting their child’s other home.
  • Topic Three- Letting Go or Holding On: Changing My Long-Term Role helps parents work through their changing roles to include their personal status, parenting role and role as a member of the family. This session also focuses on helping a parent go through the disengaging process by letting go.
  • Topic Four – Make It Better Or Keep It Bitter: Choosing My Personal Path teaches the parent how to realign their relationship into a working relationship with their co-parent and the hazards of not disengaging.
  • Topic Five – Neither Fight Nor Take Flight: Managing My Own Anger gives co-parents help on handling their anger and using it in constructive ways.
  • Topic Six – Defuse or Light the Fuse: Taking Control of Conflict provides co-parents information on conflict, how it starts, how it can be enlarged and how to diffuse it.
  • Topic Seven – All a Winner or Winner Take All: Negotiating Agreements takes the business relationship taught in Topic Four and expands on that relationship to include how co-parents should communicate and negotiate agreements regarding their child.
  • Topic Eight – Cooperation or Conflict: Co-Parenting Is Forever wraps up the co-parenting curriculum by focusing on how to identify and solve problems and how to stay child focused versus self-focused.

  • Protective Parenting

This six week class helps parents discover what their protective capacities are and how to improve them. In addition to protective capacities, the class also shows parents how their behaviors and choices affect their parenting skills, their children’s development and environment.

Court Mandated Classes –

  • Theft
  • Empathy
  • Taking Ownership
  • Cognitive Thinking
  • Discovering Better Choices